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A short layout update video


Come on Cuz … you got more than that for the old guys!

Nicely done layout work, Matt.

On the last part of the video I noticed the coal train with a pusher Dash9 at the end of the train.

Question: How did you sync (speed match) it with the front 2 locos, so the train could go around the layout without any problems?


It could be a dummy engine for the look … :wink:

Not sure what Matt is using, but RailPro could handle it without any problems, nor any speed matching.

LOL!!! I really planned on having more work done to the layout, but an very unfortunate string of events has stopped work. Oh, and I’m an old guy too, so I don’t work near has fast as I use to! lol.

Thanks @Ted_Doskaris

These three locomotives all have revolution receivers and their own batteries in them. Actually almost all my engines do. Anyway, as long as the locomotives all have the same voltage batteries and are the same manufacturer, they are pretty close in speed. But, you can still adjust the MU speed on the revolution controller. The only time I adjust that is if I’m running a USA trains engine with an Aristocraft engine.

Nope. All of my locomotives are powered. :sunglasses:

@JRad I’m using revolution in all the engines I have now. The new set I have of AML engines I have coming, will have railpro in them. Just to give it a try. That being said, I’m not converting my fleet over.

You are going to love RailPro, the MU abilities are great, the receiver modules “talk”?to each other so their is no pushing or pulling , my F3 and GP38s never matched speeds but I can link them and they work well together.

I agree. The ease and functionality of the MU feature is what sold me. I’m willing to accept steam sounds well below my standards in order to have that capability.

I’ve played around with railpro, but never bought it for myself. I don’t care for the size of the handset, the short handset battery life, or the horrible range it has. I do like the sounds and being able to just MU any engine with now work.

That being said, I will not be replacing all my engines I have with railpro. I’ll probably just have railpro in these two new AML engines.

@JRad you are correct about those steam sounds not being up to par. I like the diesel sounds though. I also like the ability to MU any engine with no work. But, that’s about all I like about railpro.

Jacking up your thread Cousin Russell

Back in the day at dad’s house playing with dollies!

BTW …that’s not Morgan Freemen narrating only Hollywood !

That sounds like Hollywood in the video.

I think I have some videos I took of that sweet train too!

Edited it and you are correct !

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I got a stick on lanyard to hang that big ass controller around my neck after breaking my first one. It does have a short battery life, I have heard of people going to Batteries Plus and getting better batteries. The range isn’t a big issue for me because of layout size, but it chugs along at last setting until it comes back in range. I can see the issue with your layout, I have seen some mentions of a repeater to extend the range , but unsure of the effectiveness and cost

@Pete_Lassen Range on my layout really shouldn’t be an issue. I hope. haha. My layout isn’t that big.

Robby’s layout is a different story though. There are switches everywhere and you are responsible for where you are going, not the guy that was through there. So, with Rail pro you have to stay really close to your train, no time to chit chat along the way with someone. Robby has an extender at his layout, but it’s not working right now.