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A real use for the USTrains 2020/2021 Garden Railroad Convention BH Flat car

OK, I have two of these cars, one of each number. Good cars, but what use can I make of them, as we have far more (300+) than we need in our operations.
A light switch was thrown, and the obvious solution appeared.
The cars come with a simulated tank of hand cleaner as a load. It appears that it could actually hold …of course “Hand Cleaner”…with the virus appearing to be with us for a while yet; during our Summer operations; we should practice safe hygene.
So…I’m looking into installing a filler cap, then cutting down a small hand pump (From a spray cleaner bottle), to make the car useful along the line for our operators to “Refresh” their hands.
Has anyone else tried this, on club railroads…or even on private garden railroads ?
Maybe Charlie Ro Jr., at USTrains should try marketing these along with his beer cars.!!!
Fred Mills

That is a good idea as long as the pump action isn’t to stiff to cause damage or derailment when being used.

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I would be worried about someone trying to use the pump as the train rolls by and caused havoc

The idea is to drop the car off on sidings at central locations, so that the operators can cleanse their hands. I’m not suggesting that the car would be for spectators at public displays. The car would be moved in a local freight train to a specific location, and left there for use.
Our railroad is not open to the public.

You don’t ever have an open house, the 2 big clubs here in AZ have an open house tours every year to show the public what we are about!

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Our " So-called Club" is not on public ground, and is at a private residence. We very much welcome any visitors, who are actually interested in our Hobby of MODEL RAILROADING, but we are not interested in providing a fun park, where people drop in to just kill time and entertain their children.
We welcome many, many people through our connections with other areas of Railroad interest, and other model scales. We can only accommodate a few "Visitors’ at any time.
Our group is brought together through our interest in the OPERATION of a railroad, in model form, and we never have any problem in attracting “Members”, without holding open house sessions. Word of mouth in our Ottawa, Ontario, railroad interest community is all we need.
As many of our long distance FRIENDS have found out…they always find the welcome mat, swept clean, out and ready, if they care to visit…after making contact with us.
Providing a hand cleaner car, will be of great use, to help prevent Virus spread, along with wearing masks, and staying reasonably separated from each other.
Fred Mills