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A Raised Road Bed: A build log for the RGS raised layout.

I’ve posted an article on my 3rd reincarnation of the RGS garden layout. This is the first installment and show the progress made so far. This plans on being a multi-year affair and as more progress is made updates will be added. It’s also something that been in the planning stages for a couple of years, but that’s covered in the article.

As usual, any comments, suggestions, positive or otherwise, will be greatly appreciated.

Hey Ken - I’m not finding your article. Did you make it visible? Post a link?

It’s been activated Jon. Unless it’s being reviewed by the Editorial Committee…(

I posted it under “Construction Logs”, but when I look under that I don’t see it either.

Thanks. I can get to it through the link you posted, but it’s not showing up in Recent Articles or under Construction Logs.

Oh Bob… (

In the meantime, the link works. It just hasn’t been “Officially” recognized yet…(

Nice start. I’ve convinced myself that any future expansion will be on benchwork by taking a right at WALL and heading out into the back yard. That being said, the obstacle that stopped me in the front yard, my front steps, need to be rebuilt this year so there is opportunity to continue on the ground that direction too.

This has been an ongoing thing since before I started the present layout. I was just hung up on the fact I could use the garage as a storage and Interchange. I like it where it’s at, it’s convenient, easily accessible plus I can see it all from the porch. But what I saw from the porch after this past winter made my mind up.


nice article I think you will really like the raised railroad. lots of $$ to invest in materials but worth it.

Al P.


Great start, You will love being up off the ground and all it’s inherent problems.

However building on a wooden structure has problems as well. Stress, strain, and twisting

as well as sag are some of the built in features of the wood table/deck construction.

A couple of things I learned the hard way; don’t over span your 2X4 runners they need vertical

support at least every 4 feet, 3 would be better.

Horizontal table cross members are best on 16 inch centers and better on 12 centers. You get less sag

with more supports.

Anyway, look forward to your progress.


Thanks Rick. I’ll keep all that in mind. Like everything built outdoors, there’s always problems that have to be addressed, and at this stage of the game I’m looking for fewer, not more.

Cool Project Ken, It’s nice that you’ve been able to do your “research” and you can now apply all those things you liked elsewhere to your own back yard. From the shots I’ve seen already what you had on the ground looked really nice, and I’m sure it’s going to be even better raised up. I like how you have all the switching off one side of the wye and then the other leg of it can be used as the loop at that end for continuous running. Can’t wait to see your plans for the addition. That prospect has to be the most exciting part. Looks like it’s at least the same size as what you have drawn plans for already. Keep up the good work!

Nice start, Ken… Will be interesting to watch the build…

Nice work so far Ken. Looking forward to seeing your progress and I sure its going to be just as nice if not nicer then your current layout.

Nice plan Ken. The work progress don’t look too bad either.

Daktah John said:

Thanks. I can get to it through the link you posted, but it’s not showing up in Recent Articles or under Construction Logs.

Oh Bob… (

I mentioned it to Bob and he’s found a bug in the Articles section.

Hey Ken
Interesting, there is a bug somewhere in the article code. It only had it visible to your friends, not everyone else. I manually fixed the flag in the database, and now I can see it. Ill add it to my list of bugs to fix.

Well Ken this tells us 2 things

1…You are not friends with John

2…You broke the Articles Section

Ken whats your plans for the current railroad? Is it staying up until the new one is done? Sounds like Viggianos pawn shop might be acquiring more stuff :wink:

Shawn, it’s being dismantled as we speak.Wasn’t much point in keeping it up, it was unusable. Most of the ladder, track, switches and buildings will be used on the new one. I’ve already taken some track up in the Delores area. I had planned on getting some track down on the new layout by now, but the weather has been uncooperative…(

I’ve reached the point in life where a raised roadbed on benchwork is the only thing that makes sense. My layout starts on a bench at chest high on the downhill side, then, as the ground rises to meet the rails, it goes on the ground for a while, then back on benches.

If I had it to do again, I’d leave it all on benchwork. Its not the getting down that hurts, its the getting back up, again.

Steve, I did take that into consideration too, that I wasn’t getting any younger.