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do you share my problem, that the electric drills are always in the way? you use them frequently, so it is no idea to put them in their box after each use? well, if you live where milk comes in bags instead of bottles, you can get the pots, the bags are put in. just carve a hole in the bottom, make two holes in the side and screw it to the wall or the shelf. the drills are near, ready to use, but out of the way. you can even leave the drillbit put.


What an excellant idea. Out of the way and easy to get to.

Our milk comes in plastic jugs or carboard cartons…pout. Nice idea & application!


Neat Idea… I hate it when someone hangs all of there tool up nice and neat… Loose part of the hobby spending hr.s trying to remember where you put something. ba ba ba… hahahaha

Wonderful idea. Now, if I can just remember where I last saw my drill… :stuck_out_tongue:

done - as far as possible :ok_hand: