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A neat find

I have slowly been cleaning out my attic mainly going through stuff that was my grandparents and parents. I found this when going through shoe boxes of old paperwork my parents had. I didn’t know my fathers parents as they passed away when he was young and he ended up in an orphanage. However he used to say “My daddy worked for the B&O R.R. and my grand daddy worked for the Western Maryland”.
I about wet my pants when I found this! So my Great Grandfather was a fireman on the Western Maryland R.R. I found this incredibly cool signature and all so I thought I would share it!!

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Best wishes on your find. None of my family did railroading, so far as I know.

Yours, David Meashey

Congratulations on an incredible find!


Unexpected finds are the best…

Great find, Rooster. I’m glad you took the time to go through what might have appeared to be junk. A lot of history can be found in old shoe boxes :wink:

What a fantastic find. Susan does geneaology and those finds are priceless digging family history. Those finds don’t come often enough.

Awesome find, maybe it was because you got one of Ken’s water heater locomotives, !!!

I’m jealous, you have steam and oil in your blood!
Great find Dude!