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A mini transfer caboose

This past Mik has got the creative juices flowing again and got me building. This time I tackled something that I have always admired as a unique piece of RR rolling stock and with an old bobber caboose frame I got to work.
Behold the bobber transfer caboose or the Trobber for short. Ok that name needs some work… :grin:

As usual with my builds I didn’t start out to model an exact replica of a transfer caboose but I sought to convey the theme of one and I’m happy with how it came out.
A test.

The shed is built from plastic and the deck goes on.

Bracing which also outlines doors and windows goes on.

I forgot to take photos after these but the railings are made from a wire coat hanger bent in a vice and jig, the roof is plexiglass with sandpaper glued on, the chimney is a dowel, the heightened brake wheels are from USAT with a straw from a WD40 can for the shaft, the ladder is made from styrene, the windows are plexi painted black on the back with pinstriping on the edge and touched up with a silver sharpie to create a frame, paint and it is done.

I like it.


Nice! I love transfer cabeese (cabooses?) Need to make one myself.

Do you have different couplers on it … like a Kadee and a hook and loop?

I’m a card carrying member of the Hook and Loop Benevolent Society for the use and promotion of KISS so no kadees are allowed. :grin:

It’s usually nice to have a transition car incase you have a visiting car that doesn’t have hook and loop . I thought this was one …sorry

No need to be sorry Sean. That would be a good idea but I don’t have too many visitors.

Looks great, nice job Todd

Still a bit big compared to my L’il Duce Caboose.

Have fun, David Meashey

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Very nice! I have a couple LGB m2075 (battery) chassis I’ve been keeping around just in case inspiration strikes. Maybe the Triple O needs a transfer caboose, too! Time to start ideating!


That looks great David. Is it a transfer caboose or a mobile toilet for the road crew? :grin:
You might just win the prize for the smallest caboose. Is it standing room only inside?

I say go for it Eric.

It was kitbashed from a SkanKit wayside telephone shack. It has a stove, two jump seats, and a coal bucket inside.

Best, David Meashey

Very cool Todd. I might just need one of these just because.

It’s very cozy for 2 in that caboose Dave. The riders best be friends or they will be when they reach their destination.

I was thinking the same Devon. I didn’t need another caboose but why not?