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A little Saturday morning switching

Hi guys,
Here are a few pics from today. The first is the GP9 switching at Mirage:

Northbound a bit later:

Spotting cars at the loading ramp at Mosca:

Pushing hoppers to the ramp at Goodwin:



Wow that looks great. You had me guessing until the 4th photo. I thought this was a real train. I think if you dusted up your GP I’d still be thinking the real deal. :grin:

Same here I was thinking why is this guy posting 1:1 trains here??? Took a couple of hard looks at that first one to tell it was a G scale, tell us what camera you used or what cell phone? Awesome pictures

Thanks guys! I just used my Android cell phone, I think it’s an S8.

Back in the glory days of large scale Marty Cozad used to always remind us “you’ve got to railfan your railroad.” As a result, I take most of my pics lying on the ground - sometimes in the snow. The perspective from the ground gives great realism to the photos.



Looks great! I always tried to get down to 1/29 level for photos. Also learned that from Marty.

Getting down low definitely adds realism, but not many of us have that awesome natural backdrop which pushes it over the top. Great pics!

Yeah, it’s pretty hard to beat real 14ers and blue sky for backdrops.
Here’s my mallet at Mirage last week:


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You suck Matt and I mean that in a very positive way !!!

That’s all I got this year so far!

Like this old shot