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A good use for the Latest Garden Railroad Convention car

Here we were, with two more bulkhead flat cars; good cars, mind you, produced by USTrains. But, we really didn’t need them !!
Each car came with a load, which is a large simulated tank of Hand Sanitizer, and appropriately labeled as such.
So…we drilled a hole in the top, centre of the tank, and “Plastic welded” the top of a hand sanitizer pump bottle in the hole.
There was a picture of the tank/car posted in the Sunday night chat.
One question that has arisen from this project, is:
Seeing as though the tank and welded in pump, are water tight, and the whole thing is basically a form of Styrene; will the hand sanitizer which is mostly 70% Ethyl Alcohol "Bother the Styrene tank ?
Since the the flat car itself is of value, and the load, not so much; we are going to fill it with the sanitizer, and use it for our OPERATORS to cleanse their hands. We are just wondering if the tank will survive. !!
Fred Mills

For those of us NOT on chat, here’s the picture:

Not all hand sanitizers use alcohol. Consider hand sanitizers that use Benzalkonium Chloride as its active antiseptic ingredient. For example, a brand called “Handvana” states it uses Benzalkonium Chloride amounting to only 0.13 percent with water in its 17 ounce plastic bottle. Some other ingredients included are for moisturizing hands.

Fred, cool idea!

According to this chart, isopropyl alcohol is ok with polystyrene at temps around 23C/73F.

The other kind (maybe the main kind) of alcohol used in hand sanitizers (per the CDC) is ethyl, and that appears to be quite compatible per the chart.

But maybe do a test first, with a bottle having some sanitizer, and some bits of styrene thrown in, to see how it does over time?

I think Ted is basically saying perhaps you should have researched a bit more! Your, you’re local LIBRARY is a great start and resource. Note that for “proper operations” the said car would need the “proper” handling when hauling hazardous or flammable contents. I’m assuming that a buffer car would be in order to “properly” transport the said load.

Hey Guys;
I had a stroke on October 23rd. I am just getting back here, but don’t know how to start a new post. Could somebody please email me or point me to instructions for using this new software? the FAQs don’t seem to have that information.
Thanks, David Meashey

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Hope you’re doing a LOT better.
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Dave…welcome back. I hope your recovery will be successful and we can enjoy your continued contributions to the LSC Forums, and hopefully, the Chat.
I had trouble finding the “Secret code” myself, until I accidentally hit one of those orange dots. Now I’m even forgetting which one it was !!!.

…some may be hoping that I’ll completely forget and disappear into a cloud of steam…!!!