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A good reason to buy cordless tools from Europe coming soon…

Good news everybody who buys tools from Europe.


The European Powertool Association has been put on notice that soon all battery operated tools must accept a common battery. During the transition period all new tools must come with an adapter.

So if you haven’t found one to print for your particular tool on thingiverse or Printables yet, they will become available soon from manufacturers.

I can do this with pretty much with my Ryobi tools that I use around the house and as far as cost I feel the price is justified for what I need them for. Biggest plus is Home Depot is just around the corner, I own stock in HD, and I have had good luck with Ryobi products. I worked for HD back in the day when Ryobi products were junk and we refunded the customer their money, if they wanted their money back, many did. Then HD pretty much purchased Ryobi and products changes and quality went up and now it’s a good product for the price.

I’m a Ryobi fan as well. Have more of their tools then I care to admit and have had great luck and super customer service from Home Depot. Two years ago I bought an orbital sander to work on my porch floor. I was using it to sand Bondo I used to fill holes, etc. The fine Bondo dust got into the brushes and It quit. I took it back in obviously used condition, without a box and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. That was the second time my local HD has really stepped up for me…

Previously I ordered and pre-paid for a gas grill that was $199 on sale. When I arrived to pick it up, they had just given the last one to the customer in front of me in line. The were quite apologetic and offered to sell me a $599 grill at the $199 sale price. My momma raised no fools - I’m still enjoying that one some 6 years later.

Thanks to you guys, I am now a RYOBI fan. I don’t know how I built anything without a pin nailer!

But I must add that a standard battery size is quite exciting for us at the end of the supply chain. Oz has roughly the population of Florida, so many tool companies choose not supply their full product line.

Whilst I’m quite happy with my RYOBI pin nailer, Milwaukee saw, and Dewalt drill; it will be nice to grab a generic battery that fits them all so we don’t have buy another $100 proprietary battery and charger.

Just as an aside, I do miss, at times, the option of purchasing corded tools that don’t need recharging, don’t have the weight of a battery and in some cases, do a superior job.

P.S. My closest Home Depot is a lot closer than I thought… it’s in Guam!

I am not a very good buyer for new things that come to market day in and day out, I like the old tried and true method that seems to work for many. Home Depot stock when I started there was $22.00 per share, today it’s in the $350.00/$375.00 range, they didn’t get there by not taking care of their customers.

Did you look at the date on the Instagram post? It was posted on April 1st…

Gawd, did I get taken in too? I can’t find a further reference to the alleged legislation… But wait there’s a cross-manufacturer standard amongst quite a few toolmakers in Europe already in place

Cordless Alliance System