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A few pics of the Durango & Jasper

Been a while since I posted. Here are a few pics just to prove that my railroad still exists.


Love the new growth Jim. Good to see you are keeping up and staying busy :sunglasses:

I saw Jim’s railcar in person a couple weeks ago, wow, what detail and character. Seems that can be said for every inch of his layout!

Good to see you on here agin Jim, RR looks awesome!!! Will you be open for the convention next year?

I intend to be open, yes. I am part of BAGRS, the club putting on the show. High expectations around here…

I am really hoping to attend , now that I have the time to do it. That area is ripe with layouts!!! And I look forward to saying hello in person.
Have they started a webpage for it yet?

NGRC 2023:

man that would be awesome…

Looking forward to it!

We are seriously considering making this event, or at least part of it. We tried to get to Colorado this year, but it just didn’t work out.

Eric looking forward to seeing y’all there, if you can make it !I am hoping I can get my 2 grandkids that live less than 200 miles away there too!