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A different railway

Interesting :astonished: :smiley:

I have seen this before , it’s a really goofy law and a creative way to get around the goofy law

I wish that had something like this to doge the Jones Act for Hawaii bound stuff!

Wow that is a really clever way to get around the Act. I wonder if they could somehow get around the “through route” issue by proposing a link up to a major line and tie it all up in the planning, permits and red tape for years?

This could be the shortest RR in the world. Who will be the first to model this point to point short line?

I know were that is …

My thought to make it a through route is make a siding with a run around track to move the locomotives out of the way. Then the new railroad locomotive shoves the 2 cars to a new dock and ramp.
If the manifest has the load end at the dock , and a new manifest is made once the trip is done then that should work too.

Here is another different railway…


LOL! What an interesting and unusual “railway”. Even though it’s a cheat, I kind of hope they can find some way to make it legal.

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That’s cool! On the one hand it would be really neat to have a railroad so close at hand. On the other hand even a low-speed derailment could be really bad.

And how do we know that’s not the original drive-thru ? :sunglasses:

Because it’s Canadian