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A different Railbus 🚌

Trying not to disrupt the Railtruck thread, but when I was trying to find when rail trucks came into existence I of course came across rail buses.

Although rubber tyred railways were discussed, Adelaide’s weird Obahn was not mentioned on the link, so I thought I might share the weird bus track we have here.

There is a guide wheel in front of each front tyre.

It engages the concrete track curbing.

In the good old days, the bus driver would hit highway speeds, let go of the steering wheel, count money or tickets etc, then re-engage with the steering wheel at the next stop.

When broken down there is a busway push me-pull you rescue truck.

Sometimes we get cars that identify as o-Bahn busses.

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Oh yeah, I forgot, the rail bus link.

:point_right: Another Link :point_left:

:point_right: And Another :point_left:

I rode on the Adelaide bus line back in the 1980’s completely forgot about it. I have been on a quest for a bus scaled anywhere from 1/24 to 1/32…. Gotta take what you can get.

Reportedly the O-Bahn has better ridership than the adelaide rail system. The only other track of this kind is in Germany at Mercedes.

I don’t know of any models but they used to hand out cardboard kits. This link may be of use as there is a photo of the cutout on the web page. They might let you have the unwatermarked version as it appears to be legacy page.

Here is the other link

Oh I found the rabbit hole

Oz Bus heritage stuff

Current stuff from TransitGraphic who made the cardboard stuff also has diecast

Edit easier to find Cardboard page

Diecast page

Connecticut built a dedicated bus way for standard busses a few years back. Ridership has been good so they are considering expanding. Much cheaper initially than rail. I believe it is in the Hartford metro area.

LasVegas NV. also built dedicated bus lanes from the strip area to “OldTown” Fremont Street area… Heavily used daily…

We also have free bus, tram and metro train travel when we hit 60 years old. But there are variation of this happening worldwide. How about squatting 20 times for a free bus ticket?