Large Scale Central

A cool place!

So, other than Rooster, does anyone else appreciate this site?

Well done, BD!


Indeed! Kudos to BD!

I think my absolutely favorite part (besides the content/interactions of course) is the speed. Snappy!

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Yep, greatly appreciate this site, Bruce. Well done , BD. Thank you for all the hard work and long hours to get the new site up without any major hiccups.

Enjoy the new site very much, especially the ease at posting pictures…
Bob did a great job at finding this program, and putting all the work
and time to get it up and running…

I definitely appreciate all the hard work involved to keep the historic content, even if there are some glitches bringing photos forward. Seeing old build threads that I have either forgotten, or missed completely, pop up as pictures are repaired is actually pretty cool too!

And speaking of pictures, I’ve noticed numerous older threads with recent discussion commenting on photos in the thread. On my screen, those photos show up as empty outlines since the source photo is not secure (http://). If I right click on the place holder I can ‘Open Image in New Tab’ to see the photo.

Are y’all seeing the uns-secure photos in the thread, or are you doing as I am to view the photos?

If you are seeing the photos in the thread, could you be logged in to LSC using http:// rather than https:// ? The current version of Firefox won’t allow that. If I type in HTTP it re-directs to the HTTPS page.

Perhaps other browsers don’t refuse to display the HTTP content?

Not that it matters, just curious. I continue to update the pointers in my threads to HTTPS to bring the pictures along.

EDIT To add: I just found a Firefox setting HTTPS Only Mode. When enabled it changes all connections to HTTPS. With that enabled I now see the photos in-line in threads where the photo link does not declare HTTPS.

where did you find that?

Settings / Privacy & Security at the bottom. Local URL about:preferences#privacy

I selected Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows

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thank you! thank you!
(twice, to get to 20 caracters)

Jon, thanks for the Firefox tip!

I greatly appreciate the site but I never said it was a cool place? Hanging with a bunch of old guys is cool? (note the question mark)

depends, what you call cool.
would hanging with a bunch of hot chicks be cool for you?