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A Calf for my Mighty Moe

A while back I was trying to 3D print a base and hood and it was not going well. The ultimate goal was to make a calf for my Mighty Moe that would be coupled to it for extra power and electric pickup. I had an extra Moe but didn’t have the extra hood until Joe Loll helped me out. Thanks Joe for helping to make this happen. After much planning, cutting, masking and painting this is the results. I can also connect it to my NW2 when that needs an extra motor for the job. I think this might be the only Mighty Moe calf in the world or should we call it The Mouse? :grin:


It looks great. I like it! :+1: :ok_hand:


That’ll be a real attention-getter, great job Todd!

Thanks guys. I will eventually add some lettering to it and maybe throw some weathering at it too.

Wow, that makes me want something like that for the LilCritter I have, that would give room for a RailPro to run things! Have not opened mine up , but something like another calf for that would be cool

Go for it Pete. There is a good sized chunk of lead inside the body of both but you could reduce that to make some room for batteries and Railpro in your critters.
I like this setup because it spreads out the pickups for my track power. I might visit the idea of adding basic sound to it in the future.