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70 car bethgon train, then a 167 car mixed train!

I took my coal train, because Justin wanted to make a long coal drag. So, they use my cars, Robby’s cars, and Justin’s. I think there were a few more mixed in with it, but I can’t remember who’s they were.

That brought on, how long of a train will fit on the inner loop…

Kid-zilla and I enjoyed practicing counting to 60! We declined to practice counting to 167…

  • Eric

So is this going to be like a pot luck dinner where you have to put your name on the bottom of all your cars so you get them back at the end of the day?

Matt how many of the 60 were yours?

The grain hoppers were a nice mix of new and weathered cars!

Pete…LMAO!!! Tj and Justin were asking to “lease” cars of people. hahaha!!! I had my train parked on the outer loop, waaaaay on the back side of the layout. So, I had to bring it around the the front, uncouple, then put my power on a track in the yard. It was actually a pretty fun little operation.

I had 27 csx bethgons. The 30 black and sivler bnsf bethgons were Dave Roseler’s. He sold off all his train stuff and had his layout tore up this year. Robby bought his bethgon’s. Justin has the mix and match bethgon’s after Dave’s in that first video. TJ and his dad brought the grain train. The two NS Sd70’s were Michael Bulach’s. Brian Bruahn had the Wisconsin light an power bethgons. Then randal schoenbacher had all the chessie coal hoppers. I don’t think I left anyone out! haha!!!