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7/8ths swing saw/verticle steam engine

So a design/printer error can be your gem.

In an effort to make the verticle steam engine and swing saw for my 1:24 Hecla Mine I printed my test print and its freaking huge.

Way to large for my stuff.

It would maybe look good in a 7/8ths saw mill or some such backwoods operation.

Shoot me an offer to include shipping and we can make a deal. I just don’t want to pitch it but its of no use to me.

The scale of it isn’t a big deal, I’m sure different ones were made different sizes for different applications. If I had any place that could possibly use something like that I would get it.

That is very true especially the verticle engine. Thats certainly plausible. And the saw. . . We all know there is a prototype for everything.

If no one wants it ill likely make it a car load.