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7/8ths Stainz

Well I have my newest commissioned project. I will have stuff to show soon. But my friend Mike Williams has put me to work again after the Tin Turtle simplex project, to design a boiler and cab to fit on the LGB Stainz drive. He has the chassis and cab floor already designed. I am making a new larger boiler and cab to fit on it.

Stay tuned. Never dreamed I would be designing models for retail sale. Pretty rewarding considering I am a CAD newbie

This will be a highly freelance version of the Stainz. He has given me a lot of artistic leeway

I saw the mock-up of it last week. It’s looking pretty good.

Well you are a week behind. I have much of the boiler already designed. Its been a lot of fun collaborating with Mike.

Its very rewarding to be able to make his vision become reality. He has done so much to help others achieve their dream I am glad I can help him achieve his.

So I guess I had already let the cat out of the bag. But here is the end result of the 7/8ths Stainz locomotive I was commissioned to help build. Mike did the cab and chassis. I was tasked with the boiler and its attachments. He already had a very nice backhead designed for it. So I made the boiler and the fittings forward of the cab.