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7/8 building projects 2021

Small Engine shed and machine shop.

My 7/8 Climax fits just perfectly.

Beautiful work. I can’t wait to see all your buildings in all their glory. Its one thing to see them alone but I bet its double impressive seeing them all out.

Very well done, John

Finished up the freight shed. It attaches to the station.

Another fine project, John. Stick built structures look very Realistic… as they should ( for sharing.


Misc, outhouses and shacks made from scrap materials.

Fine craftsmanship, John. Those will look nice on the layout.

A couple more. Dry goods and Coal bin

Took advantage of the nice day and installed the covered bridge on the layout.

I need to adjust the approaches and do a little work around the supporting trestle.

That looks fantastic !!!

Cool, a covered trestle! Beautiful work John, it looks great!


Nice build John. That looks great(

Wow John

You have been really busy building some very outstanding structures, Great job


Very nice construction . . . (

Put the engine house outside.


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