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52 mostly AMS NG freight cars available...$60 pay the shipping

A member of the OVGRS has 52 assorted freight cars for sale…$60 per car…boxes included…
If interested contact Fred Mills… [email protected]

Hi Fred - I heard your voice mail regarding this offer. While it’s an awesome deal, Accucraft cars at half of what they are going for lately in the States, I have no room left for more. Thank you for thinking of me.

CAN$ or US$ ? abcdef

I’d assume Canadian since the seller is in Canada, but that makes them even less than half of current US prices. Somebody jump on this!

Any pics or details?

Like I stated in my first post;
send me your telephone number and email address and I’ll send you the contact information of the person selling the stuff.
All of it is in good/great condition, with boxes…, box cars, reefers, flat cars, tank cars, and gons…various road names, and numbers
You deal with the person, selling it…I can vouch for his honesty…
Fred Mills

The seller expected that Americans would rather use their American Dollars, to save conversion, and Canadians would use Canadian Dollars…the price is a bargain either way, don’t you think…?..!!
I’m just the messenger…
Fred Mills

I have no idea of the value of these cars (AMS NG) and $60 maybe a good price, do remember you will probably have to pay another $20 for shipping unless the seller has a commercial account with one of the shipper, UPS, USPS, or FedEx, then it would probably be around $15.

He is selling the whole lot to one guy from Montreal. Spoke with him today. So I’m sure we will magically see them show up on eBay at twice the price. Just watch.

Well, I considered buying the entire lot for resale and driving up to get them. After thinking about it for 10 minutes I decided I did not want to get into the business!

I looked on eBay and found several AMS cars for sale, most were priced in the $100-$120 price range and $20 shipping. The scales that I saw were the 1:20.3 and 1/32 scale, which I consider the 1/32 scale not that popular here in the U.S. market today, but the 1:20.3 is defiantly more popular here with the N G group. If these cars are going to be sold out of Canada I don’t know how this will work, as Canadian prices are usually much higher and shipping could add to he cost. As long as the seller is happy with the sale, then I’m happy for him, dumping your whole collection at one time is really not a bad thing, it’s peace of mind and you move on with your life.

He might be happy, but the guys hoping for an inexpensive AMS car or two are not. :roll_eyes:

All cars have been sold…case closed

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