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3D printer

My wife surprised me this Christmas with a 3D printer. It is a Geeetech Mizar S. She knew I was interested in them but that I would never buy one myself so it is the perfect gift. I have printed out a few things for my Gravitrax hobby and a few things for her but now I’m thinking RR stuff.
What is a good site to find RR files? I’d like to print out headlights for a couple of project cars if possible. Is there also a file out there for a signal bridge?

There’s lots of stuff available for free on Thingiverse (, and Printables ( if youre patient enough with their search.

Dan Gilchrist (manimal) how is a member here has some very nice stuff that he has generously place on thinigiverse. Everything from parts to complete cars.

In the modeling section we have a technical section where a few of us have made files available as well.

There’s also a bunch of 3d printing for model railroad type groups on Facebook, and people occasionally share their files.