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3d printed track speeder

A few weeks ago, Randy Mower posted on FB that he had completed his track speeder, and offered a kit in a couple different scales. A couple days ago he decided to put the STL up on Cults3D for sale ($10!), so I bought it. Currently printing. This thing will be cool. Might even try to motorize one of them.

Neat. Looks like it MIGHT be better if printed via a resin printer instead…but I certainly have NO idea.


I’d be real curious to see if you can get it motorized should you try and do so. It would be a fun little project.

I’m just a bit skeptical of making a hit and miss engine THAT small. :innocent:

Very cool! Looks very similar to one of the EBT speeders.

Randy is about 1/2 mile from me and have not seen his RR in 15 yrs if he is still at the same place. Neat speeder and the “hit and miss” is certainly a challenge if it comes to powering it up but I bet it’s doable.

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Super cool! Does his design already accommodate a particular motor & drive train, or will you have to figure that out yourself?

No, it’s a static model. The axles dont look like they’re designed to actually work, and I’d want to build a brass or something sub-frame for the driveline. There’s not a lot of room underneath, but I’m thinking something like a slot-car motor and a 9v would fit underneath. Maybe.

I’m about 3/4 done printing the pieces for the first one, then I’ll assemble and give it a quick coat of paint.

I think I still have a NIB Stomper that was popular to build battery drives from. The New Bright wheels can be easily adapted to fit the Stomper axles.

I thought I had a couple of those lurking about here, too, but I cant find them. They must be with the Bachmann handcar, which I also cannot find.

I think I need to clean my shop.

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Um, did you lend them to Jon?