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3d human design software

Has anyone used MakeHuman for creating figures for railroading?

Looks interesting

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All the time. Makehuman and Blender are a great combination. Printed this guy with a Halot One resin printer:


That is REALLY nice looking!

I used it. Got my figure a designed, then opened Blender to dress it. My Mac told me I didn’t have a good enough graphic card to run Blender.
I have a ten year old Mac, it’s due for a replacement.
But if I were going to get in 3D design, the guys I know have PC’s that are set up for gaming.
So I’ll let others do my work for me.

I have a PC that is about 9 years old now. It has an older graphics card, an Nvidia GeForce 1030. Its running Windows 10. So it’s not like you need a lot of power for these programs.

With the 3.0 release of blender, there is a plugin called MPFB v1.9 that allows you to directly import a model from makehuman. You open both programs, make your person in the makehuman window, then a dropdown in blender allows you to import whatever is shown in the makehuman window. It’s pretty slick, you don’t have to save from MH, then open in blender, it just directly transfers it.

I have two monitors so one has MH, the other is Blender. I use one of the ‘canned’ poses in blender that is close to what I want, then tweak the bones in Blender. You do have to edit the mesh a bit in blender order to remove the inside mouth and eye sockets which is a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of hiding and selecting vertices it goes pretty quick.

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I have been wanting to make some people but was not sure how to go about it. I might have to give this a try.

Not having used the program before and only kinda played with blender, what is the need to take it to blender?

The other question I have is how easy/hard is it to get a more 1880’s look to the people?

I may be wrong, Devin, and some one can correct me. But I read that make human makes a naked person. Fat, skinny, etc. Blender adds details like clothes, etc.

If you don’t want to design,
We have ordered several files from this guy.
You can shrink or enlarge them to your scale.
I recently talked to him about “old time” figures and he plans to make a few files.

Those are cool but much to modern. I will have to give a hand at trying to do some figures myself. Not sure how patient I will be with trying to put clothes on them unless that is easier done than I think it will be.

There are clothes in Makehuman, it comes with a default set. There is also a community web site where users contribute clothes, shoes, boots, hair styles, hats, etc. Some are crap, some are really good.

Makehuman also has canned ‘poses’. Like the clothes, some are junk, some are great.

The point of pulling it into Blender is that you can add a skeleton in MakeHuman, and that imports into Blender. Then you can alter the pose in various ways using the rotate tool. Select a bone, then rotate/move it into position. It takes a while but you can fine tune each finger if you want.

Blender is tremendously powerful, you can even pull motion capture files in- I found a motion file of someone sweeping the floor and applied it to one of my people. Then I picked a frame out of that and exported the model and printed it.

Here is a fisherman that I clothed and posed completely in MakeHuman before I imported it into Blender for fine tuning.

Here he is printed in resin: