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2nd Fall Ops Session Ridgway Grande Scenic Railway 14 Oct, Alexandria VA

Jo Ann and I will be hosting a second Fall operations session on Saturday 14 Oct. If 14 Oct has rain in the forecast we will move the ops session to Sunday Oct 15. We hope this will provide a good option for those who couldn’t attend the September session.

It’s just a gorgeous layout!

(We missed the last session earlier this summer and we will be away in October, so hope to make the September one!)

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How does one sign up?

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Dylan - I appreciate your interest. There is no signup required.
Jo Ann and I would just like to know if you will be attending.
RC and steam are both welcome. The only issue with steam would be to be able to control the locomotive on the 160 feet of 2% downgrade.
Hope to see you there!

The address is 7103 Vantage Drive, Alexandria VA 22306
Any questions call my cell 703 399-5934


Would love to see your railroad, but will probably wait till next year. Any Chance you will be open during the NNGC in Phily?

Al P.

The Narrow Gauge Convention is in September in Pittsburgh.


I se that now as the convention website is now up.

Will still be a better opportunity for me to visit. like to combine LD travel. Currently in Denver for the convention.

Al P.

What are the dates of the NNGC…might be able to work something out.