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250 track switch information need

I made a Trolley line using Brass 250 Gage tracks. Now…I’m having problems locating anyone that makes a short left hand turnout like LGB 332 …making something that i can use with a LGB manual lever.
I been trying all kind of way to use a LGB 332 Switch, but having a hard time keeping it soldered or making a make shift rail clamps to match up or work right.
Dose any one know of or where to find, two 250 Gage track switches in Brass?
" Sorry Bruce C. on not completing type of metal and use. lol "

Llagas Creek sells code 250 brass turnouts/switches. They will custom build any radius switch for you. Mike Gates, their turnout builder, is a regular on (MGates).

What I used to do when connecting different size rails was to slice/saw about 1/2" into the web of the taller rail section. I then squeezed the rail end together so the bottom of the web met the top part - trying not to let the top of the rail kink downwards. Then, with some judicious filing of the width of the web, a code 250 joiner would hold them together.

Split Jaw makes adapter clamps but they are pricy. Rail Clamps & Track Accessories |

SVRR has all sorts of them, you can find them online. Pete is good to deal with.

Thanks guys for the information. I sent an e-mail to Llagas Creek & Sunset vallery sells code 250 brass turnouts/switches and see what they have. I’m using the two 332 LGB now, but like like crap. and hard to keep together with my make shift connections/clamps. Again, Thanks Guys. Noel in Ca.