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2024 Mik Build Challenge Winners


This years Challenge left it wide open for everyone to build what they needed to generate revenue for their railroad.
We had a wide selection of line side styles and builds. Great job everyone that entered!!!

The most prestigious annual award is presented

in the honor of the build challenges founder,

Mik just Mik.

Is proudly presented to:

Spirit of Mik 2024
The first time for “First to Finnish Vic”

The voting for this years builds was up from last year with 36 voters.

The top spot was a run away win over second place, And second and third was just 4 points apart.

The rest of the field had only a few points separating the next 5 entries.

Each vote was assigned a value of:

4 points for 1st place vote

2 points for 2nd place vote

1 point for 3rd place vote

And the winners are:

Dan’s Ore Bin squeaked out a winners place.

After winning 1st place 12 years ago, I finally squeezed into 3rd place with “Freight Direct Farmington”

Rick Marty repeated 2nd place this year with his Humboldt Oil Terminal for a twofer.

Todd pulled in 1st place for the second year in a row, with his Cranberry Silo.

The close runner-ups were: The Mueller Family, Vic’s Fruit Stand, Devons Shipping, and Bill’s Round House office.

Every entry garnered at least one vote.

Congrats to all those that keep the Spirit of Mik alive.

And we will do it again next year!!!

PS: If the winners would like a PDF copy of their award e-mail me and I will forward a printable file…


Congratulations to all the winners, the excellence and creativeness of y’all never lets up at all

Maybe not. (1 to 20 characters)

Contrary to “The List of Winners…”
In truth…EVERYONE WAS A WINNER…even the people like me who didn’t take part in the contest; we all won…
The only thing I can add is, “I appreciate very, very much the skills that have been shared with us all, so that we can learn how to be better modelers, and Friends”
Thank you all…
Fred Mills

Dang my check to Dave for the bribe must have got lost in the mail.

Maybe we next year we need a best of DNF voting as well.

Congrates to all who won and all who participated in the MIK. A great gathering of friends. :sunglasses:

What, what, WHAT??? I won Spirit??? Holy Cats I never expected this. Based on the competition I was fully expecting to come in 5th or 6th overall. A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for all the projects. Congrates to Todd and everyone, I’m frankly at a loss for words. :smiley:

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to all for sharing diverse ways to accomplish a similar task and thanks to Dave for shepherding us all through another Mik!

On Behalf of Team Mueller,


Congratulations to all that participated. I enjoyed watching every build and a special thanks to the DNF’s I remember how little time I had for modeling before I lost my will to work.

Thanks once again Dave for riding herd .

WOW First Place. :smiley:
Thanks so much guys for voting for my build. I’m so glad you liked it and I’m really happy with how it all came together.
Thanks to Dave for keeping this tradition going. Great job everyone that rose to the challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a gigantic thank you to Dave for running the contest for another year. The Mik is one of the highlights of the year.

I am agreeing with everything BD has said.

Very nice builds again this year. Thanks for doing this guys.

I really enjoy these challenges. I am never a loser and have always come out the winner. They are a lot of fun, very well participated in both my builders and spectators. The diversity is always fun to see what ever one does with a particular theme.

Congrats to those who got the votes. All very very well deserved.

Congrats to all that participated as it was great watching all the builds and looking forward to seeing progress on the builds that were not finished.