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2024 eclsts

The East Coast Large Scale Train Show is on:

​Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th
1564 Whitehall Rd, Annapolis, MD 21409

I am planning on being there, so look for me. Buying more stuff I don’t need.

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Considering but no promises though.

Interesting, about a 2 hr ride for me. Cliff, I assume you have been there before? How is the show?

Wayne, I’m afraid it’s nothing like the show at York.

After moving from York to Timonium that first year, the halls were large, and the vendors and layouts were many. Just like York in many ways. But that was when Covid first hit, and the Maryland Governor shut the show down the night before it opened.

In years since then, Star Hobby has continued their heroic sponsoring of the show. So I’ll support them, as do many others. But the number of vendors and layouts will be more modest than York.

If you’re ok with that, and you like driving, you bet, come!

If a few of us LSC’ers come, maybe we could plan a lunch or (early?) dinner together at least.

Okay, thanks for the info. I would like to attend, I’ll keep you posted.

If I could get there, I’d be contacting a local hotel, as close to the show as possible, then I’d try to get in touch with the old contacts I had with the “J.W.Dundee” brewery, to see if I could get some Honey Brown…and set up a true Drag, And Brag, like we used to have…
But, sadly, most of the old loyal crowd have died, or gone off in all directions…Ken, Bruce, Bart, Gary, Ric, Rick, Bob, Jon, Diane and Edd, The Canadian bunch…It just isn’t the same any more…
I don’t drive any more, and no-one here is interested in driving for more than an hour, besides having to cross the border…
All we have are GREAT memories, and a few loyal people from the past that pick up the telephone and call to keep in touch…a great number used to populate the Chat, but there are only about three of the old group that care to. The Chat here on LSC used to bring many people together, leading to meetings at the ECLSTS…but that is all gone now…The World changes…not always the way we would like it to…even the owner of this web page doesn’t keep in touch like he did, way back when… busy lives take over…
I do hope the 2024 ECLSTS is successful, and the socializing can get started again. Have fun…


Thanks for those thoughts. I joined in with LSC a bit later, but still so enjoyed those trips to York and the fun times at the Wyndham there. The DnB / ECLSTS was the highlight of my year for at least a few years.

Yeah, all gone now.

But, arising from the ashes (as it were), with low expectations, perhaps a small gathering of southern LSC’ers might have a lunch or early dinner together in Annapolis (or thereabouts), and hoist a toast to days gone by. And days still to come!

Lou, Bruce, David, Rooster, Jerry, Pete, others… help me out here, I miss you dudes.


My wife and I are staying at a Timeshare at National Harbor and are planning to be there at Friday opening. Planning on Lunch or Dinner at Mission Barbecue. Depends on how long we stay at show. Might stop again on Saturday on our way home in case I missed something good.

Sorry, Cliff. I’m so old I keep a place in Florida, and we don’t get back until the end of April. I haven’t been to ECLSTS for years. . .

And please remember the Aikenback Live Steamers will be setting up Mike Moore’s live steam 2 track loop in the parking lot and running live steam all days of the show. More fun for all!


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Yes indeed! The Aikenback Live Steamers certainly represents an important continuum of ECLSTS offerings from York to the present. Other clubs, such as the Washington Virginia Maryland Garden Railway Society (WVMGRS), will hopefully be there as well.

Just a reminder, the ECLSTS is coming up, Friday April 12 - Saturday the 13th.

FWIW I’ll be there Saturday, and hope to get some of us together for lunch at the Red Hot and Blue if possible.

PM if interested.

We will be there early Friday morning for the best buys. Last time somebody had insane prices on track.
Then probably stop by Saturday on our way home from National Harbor.
Try Mission Barbecue. They are decorated out supporting Veterans and First Responders. You will have to look up the address, my wife is not here to ask about the address, but it’s not far from the show.

Hi Lou, you bet, MB’s great in both the respect they show military & 1st responders, and their amazing food. However, others have already decided on RH&B, and their food is super as well.

I hope you find a decent way to get past the Baltimore Harbor.

Did I read this correctly that there might be a sighting of that mysterious fellow that goes by the moniker “Rooster?”

John, I was just hoping / suggesting he’d come. But your term “might” remains accurate: the Rooster might indeed show up. Which would be awesome.

Is he elusive or exclusive? Do they need to pay him to show, as they do with celebrities?

on my bucket list of things to do some day, maybe by next year things will be different.

I just watched the video posted on a different thread:

The hotel rate of $149 at the Crowne is pretty nice.

I miss the York days when I could justify a mini vacation at the Wyndham up there, and meet guys from all over, even deep into Canada.