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2023 - how was it?

if i ask you, i should tell as well.

for me it was bearable.
my family are healthy, i am declining slower than expected.
the Doctors repeat the same old song since 30 years: if you don’t quit chainsmoking, you’ll be dead soon.
economally we recovered the (small) losses, we had during the “beer-flu” (here everybody is drinking Corona beer now, we got so used to the name)
the only thing that suffered was the hobby.
but that was to be expected. ripping up a layout and sorting things simply needs much more time than modeling and building.
but the armchairmodeling still is worldclass!

For me, the first half of 2023 was great but the 2nd half pretty much sucked! However it’s 2024 now. You asked so I told like you.

I guess I’m officially on the decline. :innocent:
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s on November 30…I have forbidden Jean to drive anymore after she ran off the road after blacking out. At least no one was hurt and no damage at all. Mostly scary stuff…

2023…mostly good. At least we didn’t have to wear a mask! :grin: :smiley:

Sorry to hear this Bruce.

Dang sorry to hear this. Glad she’s OK . You two take care of each other

Sorry to hear, Bruce. Take care of each other or we can send Rooster over with some chicken soup.

Life goes on. :grin: The symptoms are just a bit annoying now…

Korm, I agree with the dr’s about the smoking , I saw what it did to my dad, but I get it it’s a personal choice. Hope you have many years here!
Bruce sorry to hear of your “minor inconvenience “ hope it takes its time and you also have many many years here and enjoy every one!
My 2023 was filled with trips and fun times until August when wife hurt her hip and leg , then I fell into some ( I swear ) quicksand and tore tendons in my bicep and hurt my hip in December.

i understand your point of view. but i prefer to live some months or years the way i like to, instead of living longer, constantly fighting my addiction. my life has been so interesting, that i don’t feel the need to beg for a prolongation. yes, a personal choice.

Sorry to hear that Bruce

2023 was midling. Some good - some bad, I lost my mom over Christmas, she lived with ALS for 30 years which has to be some sort of record but was bedridden for the last 6 months so we are grateful she is now free of her broken body.

The one big personal positive is the progress made on the indoor layout. On the negative side it was so blasted hot this last year and we had so many dam mosquitos I couldn’t do much with the outdoor layout and its now overgrown and in need of work. I’m thinking of redoing it as either a simplified loop with no turnouts, or a raised layout, or pull up the tracks to use them indoors and just go full succulent planter.

We’ll see this year.

2023 was the first year (after 75 medicine-free years) that I was required to take pills daily. Hurricane Ian is preventing our usual warm winter living so that’s a downer.

Reasons to be cheerful - part 2.
Lots of good train fun, as you may have noticed from my various posts. So all is not doom and gloom. Should get the elevator working in our condo building soon (after 18 months!!) Not likely to depart this mortal coil for 5 or 10 years, but it does remind one not to leave the trains without a plan for their future!

be happy, that you are a latecomer to the club.