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2022 mik build challenge winners


This years Challenge, well actually challenged everyone that entered. And the yup! Everyone is a winner. GREAT BUILDS all around, and if any one of them would like to contribute their build to me, I would be proud to place it on my pike.

The most prestigious annual award is presented

in the honor of the build challenges founder,

Mik just Mik.

Is proudly presented to:

Yet another win for the Muller Family , Keep the spirit alive!!

The voting for this years builds was down a touch from last year.

The top spot was a squeaked out a 2 point win over second place.

The rest of the field had only a few points separating the next 4 places.

Each vote was assigned a value of:

4 points for 1st place vote

2 points for 2nd place vote

1 point for 3rd place vote

And the winners are:

And winner of Mik 2021 !!

The close runner-ups were: Dans small station platform, Daves Trestle and Devons Sand House.

Every entry garnered at least one vote.

Congrats to all those that keep the Spirit of Mik alive.

And we will do it again next year!!!

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BTW: the winners can e-mail me if they want a PDF to print out there own copy of the award…

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone that entered. The Mik Build Challenge is one of the things that makes LSC special, and that everyone looks forward to. Big thanks goes out to Dave for wrangling this thing every year.


Another great MIK in the books. Congrats to the receiver of awards. I would have said winners but I think we are all winners just for getting together and doing it. Its a fun time I always look forward too.


Don’t know who this “Craig Townsen” guy is but he seems like a pretty interesting fellow. I’ll have to send him some creampuffs for his second place win.

Guess I should have voted for him after all. :joy:

Thanks for another Challenge Dave, this has been a real hoot. A lot of great modeling in a short time frame, it’s been great fun to watch!

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OOPS… I’ll fix that for you…

Great job to all the participants. Some amazing builds and future ideas gained from all :sunglasses:

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Dave you might want to amend the MIK and use their instead of his :sunglasses:

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Good call because team Mueller is most definitely a “their” effort.

I am honored and humbled. I really don’t think my little shack deserves it, but thank you all.

I agree with Bob that The Mik is one of the things that makes this a really special place.I enjoy it every year whether I participate or not. Thanks to everyone who participated by building, and/or voting.


Thanks Devon. And please all, allow me to say that Clan Mueller has provided an extra dimension on the build challenge that only a family could provide. Thank you Team Mueller
:grin: :sunglasses:


And I almost forgot to thank Dave Taylor for his dedication to keeping this tradition running.

Thanks Dave!


Dittos on the thanks to Dave. How you come up with these great ideas, but hope you keep it up. We all learn so much watching these . Congratulations to all who participated and for reference there are only 319 days until the start of the 2023 MIK challenge!!!

Congratulations to all, only 10 more months till the next one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness, thanks to Dave and the rest of the fine folks here. My project had been planned and thought about for a long while but I never really had the motivation to get started, and not was it a priority build. This quick 30 day challenge was a nice way to remind myself that I can actually complete projects and my railroad is starting to actually look like something vs a pile of lumber out back.

If I ever get a Railroad Prototype Modelers meet again in my area (cancelled the last 2 years), I’ll be sure to bring this building along. Obviously there’s still a few missing details but I’ll get those done in short order.

We were flattered to receive the coveted “Spirit of the Mik!” Many thanks to all for continuing to push, pull, and inspire us forward!

Also, and especially, “Mahalo nui loa!” to Dave Taylor for maintaining a contest that welcomes all and encourages participation. You’ve perpetuated a community and, in our case, a family tradition that makes LSC and its members special.


P.S. There were mumbles about a secessionist movement this around the table tonight! We can only hope!

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Congrats to the winners and great job everyone. Well done.

A nice bunch of builds. Kudos to the winners!

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