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2022 Bluestone Southern's Operations Schedule

I am listing the dates below for the operations weekends on the Bluestone Southern RR…

May 14-15 2022 noon till 5 pm

June 11-12 2022 Noon till 5 pm

October 1-2 2022 Noon till 5 PM

October 22-23 2022 Noon till 5 pm

As always, dates are subject to change due to
circumstances beyond our control…

For information purposes, Layout is battery or live steam capable… No electric is supplied to the rails…
Live steam must be controllable as the layout does not allow for walking close to the locomotives in some areas… Anyone attending that has battery or controllable live steam are more than welcome to
bring their own locomotives… All my equipment uses Kadee G-scale sized couplers…

If you are attending, would appreciate an RSVP, however the RSVP is not required… It just helps us get an idea on how many folks plan on being here…

Andy and Jane Clarke have asked me to post that the May 14-15, 2022 Operations has been cancelled. Andy has had to go in the hospital for some maintenance and excitement. June is still on the scheduled and every thing should be back to normal. Whatever that is. :sunglasses:

Get well soon Andy, we’re all behind ya!

Is the Bluestone Southern RR in Illinois

It is - in fact, near Nashville, Il. We have driven from Virginia, but you can also get there by flying to St. Louis and renting a car. (We did that one year, but it was MUCH quicker driving! :innocent:)

Sorry about having to cancel the May Ops… am still hospitalized, but am getting stronger each day…Hope to have The June OPS… Time will tell,

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Get better soon Andy.

Take care dad and don’t think I forgot about the $20 you still owe me!