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2022 Big Boy Schedule

Has there been any information released on UP’s 2022 steam tour? At my train club meeting, someone mentioned a possibility of Seattle. I don’t see anything on their website about a 2022 tour. Would be cool to go see them if they are in Southern Idaho or Washington. Heck they need to run it up to Canada through Post Falls. That would be okay with me.

2022 scedule
The scedule is out and it is good news for those of us in the NW. Its going to make a run up the Columbia River Gorge which will be fun and scenic.


Thanks Devon!
I’ll miss the Sparks meet by 2 days :frowning:
But might be able to get to Roseville on the 9th… hmm…

I was in Denver when it made a test run from Cheyenne to Denver last summer ahead of it’s scheduled run. I found out about it after it left :frowning:

That was probably my one and only chance to see it.

Been postponed

Yeah, I’m bummed.


Hope this really long url works:

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