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2021 MIK's Build Challenge Winners



This years Challenge, well actually challenged everyone that entered.    And the yup! Everyone is a winner.   GREAT BUILDS all around, and if any one of them would like to contribute their build to me, I would be proud to place it on my pike.  


The most prestigious annual award is presented

in the honor of the build challenges founder, 

 Mik just Mik.

Is proudly presented to:

1st time for Tim from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula ,   Keep the spirit alive!!


The voting for this years builds had 34 people casting votes, down a touch from last year.   

The top spot was a squeaked out a 1 point win over second place.

The rest of the field had only a few points separating the next 4 places.   


Each vote was assigned a value of:

4 points for 1st place vote

2 points for 2nd place vote

1 point for 3rd place vote


And the winners are:




And winner of Mik 2021 !!

The close runner-ups were: Todds Tipping Out House, Eriks Bernie Car,

Jims Outlaw Still and Dans Greasy Grimy Oil Can ... in that order.

Every entry garnered at least one vote.


Congrats to all those that keep the Spirit of Mik alive.

Just wait till you see what I have up my sleeve for next year!!!

Thanks to all that joined in on the fun…

BTW: the Award certificates are down loadable if you want to print out a copy, if you can’t, PM me and I’ll send a printable file to you…

Fantastic! Congrats to all the winners & all the participants (pats self on back).

Congratulations to Eric and family!!!

nice job by the rest of the builders this year , everyone did great jobs and it was a hard decision to pick the spots for the builds.

Good job Muellers! Eric, don’t forget to print out enough copies for all (including CincHouse) !

Thanks to Bob McCown for giving us a place for our fellowship of modellers.

And thanks to Dave Taylor for managing the Challenge.

Thanks, everyone! Lots of pretty excited modelers / crafters in Kailua this evening! Congratulations to all who participated and helped to push the boundaries of the possible just a little bit further!


Congratulations to all. Great bit of fun watching this one unfold.(

Congratulations to those who are shown here but full marks to all that participated.

Congratulations to all the participants, looks like everyone had fun (Rule #1).

Now, let’s get on the LSC bus and go visit the Mueller Clan!

P.S. Thanks again Dave for your work to keep the Spirit of Mik alive!

Great job Mueller clan, well deserved.

Well done everyone. Can’t wait so see next year’s entries, hopefully its something that everyone can get like this year.

Yeah! That was fun! I enjoyed all the builds and am pleased with the “winners” they all deserve an applause!

Congrats to all of the winners. It was fun and we’ll add a new diorama to the railroad next open house…, whenever that may be.

Congrats to the winners, well deserved. Thanks to all for the fun.

Congratulations to all participants there was some real out of the box thinking going on with the challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners, and best wishes to all who created a model.

Regards, David Meashey

Congratulations to all the winners. I look forward to this event each year and counting the days until next year. Hat’s off to Dave Taylor for making sure we have this challenge.

Congrats to y’all!!!


I hope to join you all, on Saturday February 27th, and together we can all continue the praise, and fun with the many, many winners.

…right here on LSC, thanks to Bob, and a few others. Come out and show the faces, behind your names. You can even throw tomatoes at my face…!!..but you have to clean up on your own…!!!(

Fred Mills

Congrats to everyone, this has been one of the best challenges yet.