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2019 Supernationals Hotrod / Custom Show

Went to look at all of the expensive toys yesterday. Took five hours to walk through three buildings housing the show at the Fair grounds. I got a bunch of pics of restorations for reference on my Model T and Model A builds. They are very utilitarian but here are the best of the customs and later model restorations. Very crowded and sometimes not easy to get a good view of the cars. Best as I could do.

This Roadster is what I want for next Christmas VVVVVVV

Green chili cheese burger for lunch.

Randy, Ben, Pete; you guys should have been here we would have had a good time!

Cool cars, Boomer. I’ll have to show these to my Dad. He is a hotrodder from way back and will enjoy seeing them. I know you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

A guy I served in Nam with builds hot rods like that. For a guy who lost both his legs over there, he sure is an inspiration to me.

Nice pics Boomer…while scrolling through them the one thing that caught my eye was the modified 67 Camaro. Why ?? because I couldn’t understand how it was breathing (taking in air) from the firewall so I had too look it up.


The pic of the pinup standing next to the BBQ grill /Kegger did not come out … that’s all that is missing …

Nice, but oh so many Trailer Queens.( Cars are meant to be driven (