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17" metal windmill model

I just got finished putting together one of those 17” metal windmills you can buy online. So I figured I might as well write a quick review.

I bought it from ana.kramer on epay. The seller was willing to combine shipping, had an almost immediate reply to my inquiry and sent the item quickly. Good seller.

Tools required:

Small flat blade screwdriver, but larger than a jewelers as they didn’t allow enough torque to spin the sheet metal screws.

3/16“ nut driver – was helpful in some spots but for the most part, I just used my finger.

Needle nose pliers - same as nut driver

Bible. Sorry, designer. I didn’t mean those things I called you.

The item came with instructions and a full-size diagram. I felt the instructions were adequate. In fact, I fully recommend following the instructions to the letter. If you do it out of sequence, you will probably find it impossible to get the nuts installed at the narrow top portion. It took me about 3 hours and much cursing.

Each level of bracing has 8 tiny nuts and bolts, two at each leg. The issue is the holes at each leg for all of the braces are very close to each other. Close enough that the nuts touch each other. This made it very difficult to put the second nut on at each location. I had to reverse some of the screw/nut combos so I could get both installed in that tiny spot. I also found that I had to back each bolt as far out as possible so it wasn’t in the way of the other one as much. Later in the install I found that if I spread out/unfolded the leg a little bit, it created a bit more room to install the second nut. Maybe if I thought of that in the beginning, assembly might have been quicker.

The real test of patience was at the top where it is extremely narrow. There just isn’t much room for fingers, pliers etc… If you have large fingers, or any kind or dexterity issues such as shaking, I highly recommend buying one already put together, or paying someone to do it.

Tighten everything at the end. Because the nuts are all backed against each other, the screwdriver was all that was needed to tighten the bolts. And, they probably won’t back out on their own.

Pros – looks good. Seems sturdy. Good instructions. Came with some extra nuts and bolts.

Cons – PITA to assemble. Top heavy and will topple outside in the wind. But each leg has a hole at the bottom for stakes or to bolt it to a base (not included).

In summary, I am glad I bought it, but I never want to build another.

When I was assembling one, I found that the best way to work with those tiny, cramped pieces was to let my wife do it. (

lol That ain’t happening. Maybe for one screw. Maybe.

I have three of these that I’ve had for 20+ years. They’ve always been a giant PITA to assemble. And yep, they tend to topple over in anything besides a slight breeze.

Get some landscape staples - you can use them for LOTS of things!

I use hemostats to hold the nutws in place while assembling. I have both straight and curved hemostats. Also to keep then upright I place large almost flat rocks on the base horizontal metal.

a picture or a link to the sellers site would be cool, I am also assuming by epay you mean eBay??? Thanks.

I bought it from ana.kramer

FYI: That’s a guy called Al Kramer, who used to run a model shop in Las Vegas. He’s always been a good guy to deal with. Sells a whole lot of nice wheelsets too.

Sounds like the ones you use to be able to by from St Auburns out of Woodstock Ill I bought several. Later RJD

If you bought several I am just amazed you had the patience to put them together. (Or did you?) Those things are just NOT easy to assemble at all…