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16mm narrow gauge day in the cold

With our local group’s setups shut down with the virus crap, mini steam ups at each others houses with just a couple members have been the norm. This past Saturday, a friend came up and we had a 16mm narrow gauge day on my railway. He brought his Roundhouse Engineering Lilla, a quarry Hunslet, gas fired and RC controlled and I ran my old Merlin Mayflower, also gas fired and RC controlled. It was 36’F out, so we had nice steam plumes, and with both engines using RCS palm size transmitters, those and our hands were warm in our jacket pockets. Enjoy!

This whole depot side of the layout is about to get redone with new buildings from Modeltown that are cast resin, along with proper UK style platforms, signal box and water tower, although I will still use the LGB semaphore signals I have as they are very robust and tollerate being snagged by elbows and such. A redone steam up area and engine house will be built where that mini crossing signal is now and it will be moved further back in the garden area away from the layout. I have a tenative order for a new Roundhouse engine, but delivery isnt till Feb 2022. But I am also searching for a couple more Merlin engines, the Monarch which is the saddle tank version of my Mayflower, and their 2-6-2t large Hunslet that is 45mm gauge, both in GWR green to keep the family look to my railways engines. If I can find those, I will cancel the preorder and go that route. I have found that RCS 2.4ghz RC is the best way to run these beasts when one is autistic with bad anxiety issues and track work that can be a bit “dodgy” at times. Mike

Hi Mike,

Thank you for posting this.

I really enjoyed viewing yiour Live Steam Videos.