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10 years of Mik Builds on my RR.

Inspired by Todd Brody showing off his Mik’s Build Challenge entries in place on his RR I thought I would make my own video and post it here.

Ah the memories of 10 years of accepting and stepping up to the Fun Challenge.

Great seeing all the builds on your layout Todd. Thanks for putting the video together.


Wasn’t there a build where the object was to make something round and you did a circle of track that an engine powers around as a big wheel? As I recall, the rails were installed “sideways.”

Great fun and great memories! On to Mik 2022!

Thanks guys.

That wasn’t one of my builds Todd but it sounds clever. I can almost remember it. In compiling the list I thought I entered the 2011 challenge which was to build something up to 288 sq in but I could not remember what it was.

What will the 2022 challenge be?