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1:24 scale brass trucks

Accucraft model 1010

2 matching used trucks
2 matching new trucks, one not assembled.
1 new truck with blackened wheels
All parts are there, $150.00 plus shipping


Rick, PM forthcoming

Trucks are sold, thanks

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I was tempted, but don’t have an immediate need. Glad Dan picked them up.

Interesting that they were 1:24. I didn’t know Accucraft made any products in that scale.

Wow, those are NICE! I wonder if Accucraft still makes them?

I was able to get a number of pairs of those over the years from a former Accucraft dealer. They are very nice and scale out well for the Delton truss sided hopper “kits” I will build for my EBT #7. I could not find any evidence that they are still available new.