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1:1 train friends

I love LSC forum. I think I have conveyed this previously. But tomorrow is an awesome day. Tomorrow I get to see Pete. It’s amazing that a train forum could build a real world friendship that turns into a real bond and friendship. Thanks to LSC I get to see a guy who I consider a close friend.

NHRA 2024 Phoenix see you Pete

Waiting to see you tomorrow, a good representation of my rolling stock is out, tomorrow I will sweep the track and try things out before Turing thrings loose. We have a great weekend ahead of us , Pima Air Museum on Friday and then “THE GROUND POUNDING, BODY SHAKING NHRA TOP FUEL AND FUNNY CARS AT OVER 330 mph, and many other classes of racing. Glad you are coming and lol forward to a great weekend!

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Watch out. He’s trouble. He claims to enjoy homemade treats and poultry cooked with cardamon but I think it’s just a ploy to find new people that think he’s “normal”.

Seriously have fun with him. All the times we have visited have been for not so fun reasons (surgery prep). We keep trying to meet up one of these times when I’m visiting my sister and her family on the Eastside of the state but so far nothing has worked out.

PS, he’s a talker. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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