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    • March 10, 2020 3:28 PM EDT
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      For Sale: Set of 4 Kalamazoo Coaches, steel wheels, couplers

      Another box that has to go - no more room for trains that don't get used.  I picked up this set of 4 coaches which are in excellent original condition, and I bought steel Gary Raymond wheels to go with them, plus I have 4 pairs of Accucraft 1/29th couplers. I was going to put them all together and make a really useful train, but I changed my mind.



      I paid $75 for this set, which I thought was a good deal, so the price is $75 plus shipping for the coaches.  I paid $65 for the 16 axles of semi-scale wheels, so I will sell them for $65 + shipping. And the 4 pairs of couplers cost me $5 each, so $20 for the lot.  Here's some more photos and info.

      The 2 coaches:



      Combine and Observation.



      Nice brass end rails and a neat drumhead on the Observation. Some of the decor is a bit faded, especially the combine.






      As you can see, the combine and one of the coaches already have a Bachmann coupler. It mates with the Accucraft ones I have for sale.



      The second photo below shows the 1/29th coupler on the right with a standard Accucraft 1:20 coupler on the left.



      And finally the wheels, which may not be available - one of my friends has expressed interest and I may decide to keep them for future projects.


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