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Who models CN here?

Our information is ALL over the internet, You Tube and on 2,700 railroad related websites in the U.S. and even in Europe, Australia, UK, Canada and many other places so we just thought everyone already knew. I did however update the information as you requested and put a description of our program there as well. We quite frankly didn’t pay attention to the other information blocks because we never considered it that important and since we simply chose this site to bring people closer to the hobby, we thought the exploration of the hobby and this site were more valuable than our personal information. We are based out of Montana and will be here a few more years before moving the program to Nevada.
Incidentally, sorry about the posts here with no photos as our alloted space is full and somehow it isn’t letting us put photos on regular posts either. Photos were added but failed to come up. Smartphones sometimes have problems with some sites but not sure if that’s our issue here.
Feel free to ask if you need anything else!
Thanks, and all the best! Ken

Thank you, Ken…from Montana…a bit away from me, but if I can find some information for you, please let me know. If you are having problems posting pictures; try dropping into the Chat, where you can find people who can help you. I don’t do pictures, so, I’m sorry that I can’t help you.

Fred Mills

I think pretty much this site is fairly easy to use except when photos are involved but it think it may be because we are over our alloted free data space, nor sure. We sure are thankful for the use of it.
One thing though;
I would like to find a good up close, high quality photo of a specific CN dash 9, preferably new and clean (the one with the the locomotive on the side/heritage maybe?) to blow up into a standard photo that can be displayed at our public events for kids, since we don’t own a G scale model of one.
If you happen to see one somewhere.

Thanks, Ken

I’ll ask around…


it just occurred to me what you are interested in. The Aristo dash9 had that paint job. The real engine should be like the MTH narrow nose. I will get a pic for you from the internet.

looks like 2100 series c40-8 CN.


That’ll work! Already printed at, I believe 24 x 18 inch or thereabouts. Had a friend print it on his large printer, now we have to frame it in a few days.
I thought the original locomotive was a wide cab but this is actually better.
Thanks Joe!
Nice photos! Ken

Glad you now have the picture you were looking for…


Thanks Fred.