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Fred Mills. said:

It seems this “Thread”, might not be a clear picture of the forum, that Jean had in mind when she got talked into being a co-sponsor.

To almost immediately allow barnyard animules to give the impression that they have found a home, might keep them away from continuously interfering in the rest of the web page, which is supposedly devoted to Large Scale Model Railroading.

This might just be a brilliant way of cleaning up an otherwise fine and possibly, intelligent web page…!!

Or… quite possibly, it was Jean’s idea right from the start.

It might be rather polite to invite Jean to give her side of the agreement, and explain why she signed the cheque…and her hopes for the future of this new forum.

BTW; as an admirer of “The Life of Brian” (The film) I suggest that it might be worthwhile to open a link to the full film, for those with constricting religions, that would not allow a screening.

Fred Mills

The “Life Of Brian” is supposedly devoted to Large Scale Model Railroading in what way?