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Well, I did a thing

Or lay brass wire in the mold before you pour?

Along Jon’s lines, maybe print a hole through a part, clean it out with a drill bit after curing, and glue in a brass rod? I think I did that once but can’t remember what on… Not sure if it was stronger but I felt better.

Good news, Bob! I bought an Elegoo Mars resin printer about a year and a half ago and have had good success with it.
Last month I changed the release film for the first time per the instructions. What the instructions DON’T tell you is that the new release film has protective film on both sides that has to be removed, which I didn’t figure out until after a disasterous print.
I’ve printed a bunch of parts since my purchase, and even gone as far as printing and entire car (albeit in four sections).


Funny, I was figuring that out this afternoon. The new film I bought had those protective layers, which I’d not run into before. And couldn’t tell if they they came off (hard to see them in the first place), and like you said nothing was mentioned in the instructions on the package or on Amazon. However, the Amazon page had a video, and I saw them taking it off. So I lucked out, I rarely watch those things.

Here’s the product I’m talking about, fwiw. Seems to be higher quality than what I used before, and lots cheaper than competitors.

The wash-and-cure bundle showed up today. I’ll keep that in the box until the printer arrives, and set everything up.

What would rooster do?
Arm bands are available down the hall to the left with tea and fancy sandwiches.

So I don’t take away too much from the thread…

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They’re here!

Waiting on resin and IPA. And a place to set these up.

Bob, when it comes to IPA, there is a good source on eBay that sells by the quart bottle the more you buy the better the discount. the box says RJ OPTICAL LLC. You will find you need a lot beyond resin contamination, it tends to evaporate fairly fast.

Al P.

Cool, thanks. Cheapest I’ve found so far is 4 gallons of 99% for $68, which seems to be as cheap as Ive been able to find. Ill look him up.

4 gallons of IPA at $68 seems kinda pricey even if it is 99%. I don’t drink IPA anyway as I prefer Lager myself.


it is rjchemical on eBay with free shipping, not quite as good a price as you quoted. but you didn’t mention shipping.

I got my 4 gallons for $72 with free shipping… but that was just as covid was dying down. It was crazy prices then!!

And I still have 2 gallons. These days I’ve been more worried about all the bathtubs of flammable liquid surrounding me than the prices, haha!!

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That equipment is so cool Bob, you’ll have an absolute blast!!

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Yea, I should have some fun with this. When I finally made the decision to get a resin printer I started looking around at the 8K ones. Then both Anycubic and Elegoo had 12Ks on pre-order, I looked at the specs of both, and went with Elegoo mostly because of the (lack of) support I’ve received for my Anycubic filament printer I already have. 12K is a huge upgrade, looking at the examples I have seen online.

Good choice for sure, I have one and it works quite well. Just an FYI supports pull away harder than any of my other elegoo machines. The speed is amazing. I use the “standard resin fast” setting. The only print setting I changed was “bottom lift speed” to 90. I have a fair amount of experience (which just means I already made the mistakes LOL) with that and most of the other elgoo resin printers. If I can be of any help let me know.

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Thanks Mike, I’m sure I’ll have a thousand questions. First thing for me is to clear some bench space in my shop for this, and run a vent to the window.

Bob, as you may know I and almost useless with 3D printers, but a guy I know has one and also has a extra machine that removed the finished print and places it in the drip dry tray so that if you have more things to print the printer will start right away. No clue to $$$$ of it but just thought I would throw it out there if you are contemplating lots of parts and pieces. Don’t know if that is something you would be interested in

Finally getting around to printing the test prints to dial the printer in. I’m impressed so far.

Nice. You’re using ST “Build” Sonic Gray? Or something else?

I love being able print right on the build plate! I often end up having to jack the thing up at an angle, put all the supports in, and sand the contact points afterward; but generally I start with an on-the-plate print just to see if it works.

ELEGOO 8k standard resin. I like the dark grey color this comes out as.