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Varieties of Thyme.... Moss....

David Maynard said:

Sean, unlike Rooster, I don’t think its always about me. But I didn’t want to just assume, and end up ignoring you neither. So I asked.

Glad you asked Maynard

Ok, But I will have to shoot some in the am.

This thread gave me a lot of inspiration, so I went down to the local nursery and asked, but they were out of Thyme.

Thyme to find a new nursery.

Michael Kirrene said:

This thread gave me a lot of inspiration, so I went down to the local nursery and asked, but they were out of Thyme.

Lowe’s and Home depot usually get the thymes and sedums in with their spring plants. Along with Irish and Scotch moss. That’s when I get mine.

There are at least two seed suppliers in Eastern Canada that sell Thyme seed. They are;

Richters, who are in Goodwood Ontario, [email protected] 1-905-640-6677

Vessey Seeds, who are in Prince Edward Island, 1-800668-4372. PEI is one of Canada’s Maritime Provinces, for those not too familiar with their friendly neighbour to the North.

They both only carry a few varieties, but, the few they do carry, are available in small packets, that mail easily. Their shipping charges seem rather fair.

You can easily Google both, and consult their rather good web pages.

There are probably many seed companies down in the United States of America, who offer the same, or wider variety.

Starting Thyme plants from seed is not a hard task, and would cut the costs of obtaining a great ground cover, or stand alone plant rather reasonably.

Fred Mills

Plants. From seeds? Huh? Now there is an idea.

As the legendary Mick Jaggar once said, “Thyme is on my side”.

Yes it is…

Ok, Here is what I’ve got going. I plugged this area last summer, This is NOT Thyme. But Turkish Speedwell ( Veronica Liwaeensis).

You can see the centers of where I set the plugs, Some of the plants have merged, and that is a good thing.

I shopped around and found a price of $2.25 per plant in quantity.

They usually sell that in the Garden Centers as Jeepers-Creepers or Steppables, since it can withstand foot traffic. I have a few of those scattered around the old layout area.


This would be a great place for a Vic hand me down Roundy Round !

The plant Looks like it likes the soil… It must look great with the blue flowers!

Thanks for posting the pics …

@Ken… How has it aged? Spread? look?

It’s great that so many people are contributing to this thread; in time to help others to prepare, and motivate each other, towards a great Spring start-up. Yes guys and gals; the York ECLSTS is just around the corner, and with it comes SPRING in all its glory…just what we are all waiting for.

I’m putting in an order for some packets of Thyme seed next week, and am going to inquire about this ground cover which Dave Taylor has shown pictures of…thanks Dave…I hope it might be good for my zone, but I’ve got to check on it.

Fred Mills

BTW, I don’t think that anyone has mentioned using a “moss milk shake” as a starting agent for mosses.

Dave Taylor said:

@Ken… How has it aged? Spread? look?

Hard to say, Dave, it’s covered in snow right now.

My oldest son re-landscaped the old layout area, so it may not even be there now.

Fred Mills, BSc, (Sd, ss) said:

“It’s great that so many people are contributing to this thread”.

You’re right, Fred. We have the Thyme covered. All we need now are threads on Parsley, Sage, and Rosemary.

Turkish Speedwell (Veronica Liwaeensis) Zones 4-8, which should serve most of us.

you asked…(

Simon and Gar…great, real music…

What goes into that “Moss Milk shake”, It seems to me that I have heard of using milk to stimulate the growth of moss…any more information on this ?

Fred Mills