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Try fishing lure wires. Stainless and all sorts of the right size diameters. And it’s still not hard to bend. But also you can buy wire that is silver in color but still soft. I used to have some I don’t think it was aluminum because it was more pliable and not brittle like aluminum but way softer and easier to bend.

Check out Rio Grande Jewelry supply. I think this the wire I had. “Dead soft” Nickle. Metal hardness is any where from hard to dead soft. Dead soft is the most malleable.

Dead soft nickle wire

Lots of ways to bend stuff. I preferred using the brass rod - it held the shape well and was easy to bend. My first attempt was just using some nails in a board to get what I wanted.

MY problem was that the bend wasn’t sharp enough for ME!

Later when I had a LOT more to do, I made a jig from brass parts. This way, I could repeat the process MANY times, and got a nice sharp bend each time.

Using this jig, I was able to quickly reproduce a LOT of near identical grab irons.

I had different holes in the jig for different length grab irons.

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