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RLD Hobbies Open House Recap, The Reale Railroad & More with Guest Manny Reale "Large Scale Live"

We hope everyone is ready because we’re back with an all new Large Scale Live stream! We had a great time at the RLD Hobbies fall open house as did everyone else that was there! By far probably one of the larger turnouts for the open house which made it even more amazing! We can’t wait to introduce our guest Manny Reale of the Reale Railroad Shop to everyone! Manny is doing an amazing job of promoting our great hobby and is building a garden railroad that pretty much takes up his entire yard! More importantly Manny openly invites his friends and neighbors to come over, enjoy it and even run a train for the first time!

We will of course have info on other upcoming g scale events, product announcements and other general G scale related news! Also, don’t worry as we’ll be doing another giveaway to give back to our fans, you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is though. As always we know everyone will learn something new and enjoy the stream.