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Raccoons are very sneaky and very smart and VERY UNPREDICTABLE, as an old farm boy that have had coon hunters come to help with very little results, Come to find out the enemy was living in our hay barns. A 12 gauge worked the best, with great results, but I know that is not a wise solution here nor even legal in most cases here.

BUT i do have a solution for you, we had these large PIT siloes that was covered with black plastic. the coons would rip up the plastic looking for corn cob nuggets to eat, leaving big holes that allowed water to funnel in creating a lot of rot, spending lots of time patching, trying to hunt the ba$tard$, We had an electrical fence around to keep out the cows, so we ran a fence at around 8" off the ground, PROBLEM solved. Like a dog their little paws really ground them for great shocking effects.

So farming behind us, we have used it for years to protect our sweet corn in the garden, Them boogers check your corn patch about a week before time to harvest, pulling down corn stalks, opening the ears, realizing they are not ready, they go to the next stalk, after 5-6 down they leave and come back 2-3 nites later and steal your whole patch, or ruining it for your harvest. I have used a solar fence charger for years. with no loss of corn.

Easy to put up and down, put 6" long 1/2" pipe nipples in the ground, leave out about 1 inch. Then the insulated fence post will slip in and pull out easily. A spring loaded electrical gate handle will keep it tight and quick up and down.

but electric fences are against the zoning ordinances around here. I checked.

Are fences using livestock type chargers, because they have pulsing charges instead of constant , even not allowed??

David Maynard said:

but electric fences are against the zoning ordinances around here. I checked.

Its not an electric fence. Its a corn guard, used for only a week or two each year. Just don’t tell anyone.

The ordinance just says electric fence.

Steve, most of my backyard falls into the, “hey, just don’t tell anyone”, category. What’s one more item to not tell anyone about?