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Question for JMRI Ops experts

Ray Turner said:

I have seen this when I had set “Aggressive” mode for scheduling. “Normal” mode seemed to fix it. Also, note that a location can be listed twice for one stop, the first with pickups only, the second with setouts only. I have found that useful.

Welcome to LSC Ray!! And thanks for chiming in.

I will need to try that. I’ve always been set to “Agressive” mode, so you may have something!. I’ll have to look at the tweaking route Pick-up/Set-out settings as well.

Beautiful RR Ray !

Just a quick update. I was looking for some different information in the on-line JMRI manual when I found this listed as a normal condition with aggressive mode as it assumes all pick ups scheduled are complete when it looks for set-outs. As Ray noted above, Normal mode should solve it, but I have new problems which I will discuss in a new thread that need to be addressed first.