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Pilot lifts off the track going through switch

I find the epl drive will pick up dust/dirt and I would also remove the parts inside the EPL and place the case in the dishwasher. Never lube these drives as they will get ‘sticky’.

over the years i noticed, that non electric driven LGB switches work “stronger” (with more resistance to cut them open) in one direction.

in some cases just screwing the switchdrive to the other side of the switch helps enough.

All is working perfectly now! Thanks all for the help and suggestions. Here is a video of the 2020 Redmond Creek RR Christmas Train. Enjoy!

A little added note: On my outdoor layout, there was a location where on occasion, locos would derail, never trailing cars. Sometimes derail, sometimes not

Same engine derail one day, not derail next day. I checked track gauge, there was some variation, but still within limits, side to side level, OK, etc.

Finally pulled out the 5 ft section of track, replaced it with a new one. Problem gone.

Just another added mystery of life


Yep. Been running a C-19 on my indoor for over 3 years with no issues. Yesterday, when testing my RailPro installs both C-19 's would derail backing into a straight just after a curve. I ran the loco slows and looked closely and could not see what the issue was. It happens nearly every time, but only backing up. I’ll take a look at the gauge, but don’t know what, other than temperature, would cause that to change.