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New Haven Trainset and more - Free Delivery to TrainOps

The Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway has decided to concentrate solely on Narrow Gauge equipment, As such, our 1:29 Scale New Haven train set is up for sale. I do not wish to ship. Local pickup near Danbury Ct, or free delivery to the NELSTS in Springfield April 27-28. You can click on pics then hit + to zoom in.

The trainset consists of the following:

USA Trains GP-9 Locomotive in McGuiness New Haven paint scheme. The loco is set up for trail car use with power and sound connections at rear and MU power connection at front. Hook up details and mating connectors will be provided. Conversion back to track power is straightforward as all factory wiring is intact. The power pickup skates were removed but will be included. I can convert this loco back to track power if desired. The drive axles have been replaced and no longer use traction tires. Both front and rear dual headlamps were converted to bright white LEDs. When powered by a trial car, the directional lighting functions the same as on track power. Most of the front and rear details have been repaired. I have the original box, but it will not go back in with handrails and details installed. Well used and dusty but runs and looks great! Recent eBay sales range from $300 to $489. I’m asking $295.00 Add $25 for conversion back to track power.

USA Trains 40 Foot PS-1 Box Car in McGuiness New Haven paint scheme. Great condition with weathered plastic wheels and USA knuckle couplers and original box. Charles Ro current retail is $105. Asking $75.00

Aristocraft Long Steel Caboose in McGuiness New Haven paint scheme. Includes 2 LGB crew members. The power pickups were removed, but the wiring is still intact. I do not have the power pickups (carbon brushes). Aristo knuckle couplers and blackened metal wheels. Original box. Asking $75.00

Buy the entire train set for $400.00 Shipping not available.

While looking for parts, I ran across the following that are also available…

One open box of AML Code 332 Aluminum track. I used 2 pieces. 10 brand new 6 foot pieces with European ties. Asking $160.00 Shipping available, but expensive due to length.

One set of 8 brass sleeves to repair cracked USA Trains axles. produced by Tony Walsham. I paid $40 with shipping from AU. SOLD

One bag of Traction Tires for Aristo RDC - SOLD

EDIT 3/25 Corrected track quantity
EDIT 5/1 Update sold items.

If it hasn’t sold, logic would suggest a slightly lower price on the White Elephant table?

Perhaps you are right, but I think I have priced this pretty low compared to what I have seen recently. The show table gets tons of traffic so marking it up a bit should fly. If it doesn’t, I can always mark it down Sunday afternoon. If I need to bring it home, that’s OK too!

Great pricing point Jon and reasonable. Good luck on selling it all off. I’m impressed that none of the steps or footboards on the GP9 haven’t broken off.

Jon this is a very brave decision, considering Amtrak’s ambition to use your ROW!

Steps and railings have survived my abuse, but the footboards have broken off, and more than once. I spent a few hours over the weekend gluing everything back on; both footboards, one set of MU cables and one brake hose were in my “GP-9 Parts” bin

Just bought the paper… Wow 1 in 29 passengers sound quite pissed off


New Fairfield CT (AP-Reuters): IN A SURPRISING turn of events, the renowned Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway, one of the world’s pioneers in standard gauge railways, has announced an unprecedented decision to convert its entire network to narrow gauge. The shocking revelation has left industry experts and passengers baffled, as the company has been a standard gauge stalwart since the turn of the century.

The decision to pull up the existing standard gauge tracks and replace them with the narrower variant is attributed to the railway’s ambitious plan to enhance operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact. According to an official statement from the office of the railway president, Mr. Jon Radder, the shift to narrow gauge will result in reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainable coal practices.

Radder stated, “We believe this strategic move will not only optimize our operations but also contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly transportation system. Narrow gauge railways have proven to be more resource-efficient, and we are determined to lead the industry in embracing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.”

While the railway president’s vision emphasizes environmental benefits, the decision has sparked controversy among both industry insiders and passengers. Critics argue that the massive undertaking of replacing standard gauge infrastructure could lead to disruptions in service and substantial economic costs.

The CVSR management, however, remains undeterred, assuring the public that the conversion process will be executed seamlessly, with minimal impact on daily operations. As the company pioneers this radical shift, the global railway community watches closely, anticipating the outcomes of this bold and unexpected maneuver.

Parties interested in acquiring rolling stock can view available stock at the NELSTS convention.

I’ve decided to offer shipping on the AML Code 332 Aluminum track since it is all still in the original box and outer shipping container. I can ship UPS Commercial rates, but it will still be expensive due to length. 11 Pcs - 6Ft each $175.00 (LSC Only price)

EDIT: Just found the reciept from when I bought this box from RLD in 2016 for $191 so with inflation this is a great price on a product that is hard to find.

Take a look at…some good prices on UPS and USPS.

Just about a month now until NELSTS in Springfield. Bumping this back up as a reminder.

Only the Repair Sleeves for USA axles sold at the show. I’m slowly starting to list on Facebook Marketplace in the G Scale For Sale group.

I’m surprised that stuff didn’t sell at the show.

Well, on FB the traction tires sold in less than a half hour at twice what I had them at the show for. Just not the right audience for my stuff.

Most of the first post list is still available. I can bring any or all to TrainOps.

I also have two NIB Aristo Stainless #6 switches and some other surplus track. I’ll put a list together soon.