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With a prod from @Devon_Sinsley, I have tweaked some settings to allow .stl and .zip file uploads here. You can attach them with the upload button in the above toolbar ​.

I (think) I have limited the file size to 2 meg, so zip yer files accordingly.


So after working with Bob we have come up with a way for us to share our print files. This will give those of us who 3D print a chance to share our creations and give others a depository for detail parts otherwise not available.

The rules: each maker should have only one post in the thread with a “catalog” of their offerings. They can add and delete by editing their post. You can upload .stl or preferably you should compress them (.zip) and upload that way for less storage and faster transfers. A small picture would be nice but keep them small, “catalog” style. Some makers are reluctant to openly share their work for good reason. They want to be in control of their intellectual property and lets face it some people WILL abuse this process and take the files and use them for more than their personal use. For those I think we can have them post what they have with pictures but not upload the actual CAD file. And instead interested parties can message them privately and then the maker can choose whom he gives files too. I think this is fair. A lot of work goes into designing these parts. And giving them to someone else for their finical gain isn’t a nice prospect. Lets honor that.

No replies in this thread to keep it clean and condensed for searching. If you want to talk about items here, either message the maker or start a new thread. Let’s keep this a clean resource tool.

Finally, since uploading here pretty well gives away a makers right to their intellectual property, please if you use the part and post on here give the maker credit for their design. And no commercial sales of someone else’s design without their permission.

All files here are the property of the designer and are for private personal use. No unauthorized production beyond personal private use is allowed.

Let’s be respectful and give credit where credit is due. Thank you.


Devon’s Offerings
I design my stuff scale specific. The scale is listed as the beginning of the title.

For those wishing to move between scales here is quick reference chart that shows the conversion between scales as a percentage. So when you are using your slicing program or an editing program like Matter Control you can scale the drawings by these percentages to arrive at the scale you want. So for example if I am giving you a 1:24 scale drawing and you want a 1:20.3 version of the drawing you would use your programs scale feature and increase it to 118%. This should give you the drawing in the new scale. So far it has worked cleanly for me.

1-24 brake set (955.1 KB)
Hand WheelLower staff bracketUpper staff bracketRatchet and pawl

1-24 Steam Stack and domes set (659.7 KB)
StackStack TopSteam DomeSand Dome

1-29 Peacock 800 brake (83.2 KB)
1-29 Peacock 800 brake lever

1-24 Dynamo.stl (937.5 KB)
A down and dirty dynamo very roughly patterned around a Pyle National K2- as yet untested

1-24 Westinghouse air pump. Again another loose interpretation. Untested.
1-24 air pump.stl (2.1 MB)

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Here’s my fuel bunker for the Bachmann climax.


Oil bunker for the 1_20.3 Bachmann (2.5 MB)

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I wanted to put this rule in about posting to the thread so it keeps it condensed, otherwise it will be a giant long thread that will take forever to find stuff on. If we limit to only those providing files it will be much friendlier.

So yes Bob can you scrub all these extra posts.

You did say that Devon and I apologize for jacking it up “on my end”. Perhaps you need a Billy Beer but that is in another thread!

I was 7 when his “Brother” was elected…rules are rules and they should be followed?


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