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I want to grease this LGB Loco

I want to grease this LGB Loco but can’t tell if the numerous screws on the bottom actually hold a bottom plate or the whole motor block. Does anyone have the diagram?

LGB #22130 Waimanalo Olomana Steam Loco

Since I this will be a guessing game as you didn’t give us any info on what LGB engine you have, just look up your model here, Note, most LGB engines have the Loco number on the bottom of the truck, or the motor block. As far as screws go, they will be the ones on the very bottom of the motor block, I would say 4,5,6 different amounts for different engines. Turn the engine upside down and when you remove the bottom plate, don’t turn the engine over as some parts may fall out, these would be the two brass strips that are electrical pickups and the electrical sliders, they just set in place. Remember to use grease that is plastic compatible and wipe off the old excess grease with a Q-Tip, or a toothpick.


An image of the loco was indeed posted with my post however, it disappeared and now suddenly is back again. I’ve also added the loco name and number. And yes, I know not to turn it over with the cover off. I grease all 41 of my locos all the time. However, I’ve never greased this one. The link you provided does not show an exploded view of the loco. And it is not clear looking at the bottom of the loco which screws on this one should be removed to access the motor.



If you go up on the web ans search LGB22130 you will find the user manual on LGB,s site. The manual is multi-language. In the English section you will find step by step instructions concerning maintenance and while there is not an exploded dwg the instructions define which screws do what and thus provide access to the motor itself. Multiple screws must be removed and they differ. LGB recommends you catalogue each screw set and location as you disassemble.


Just grease the motor gear, every thing else just needs to be oiled and just a little dab (single drop).

Search for this: LGB 20130 pdf for the diagram of the original chloe loco.

Hi Timmyd - Yes, you remove all the screws on the bottom cover of the motor block. You first remove the rear screw that hold the trailing two wheels sets…then the two large screws at the rear, then the one large screw at the front of the cover. You don’t need to remove the two screws that hold the little cover that’s in front of the motor block cover. Then you’ll remove the five very small screws from the cover. Be VERY careful to wiggle the cover off and not bump the two wheels sets out of position. Apply small amount of grease on the motor gear and drive gears and oil axles. VERY carefully replace the cover back on the motor block…make sure you place it down level at both ends. It’s very easy to get the track power metal wires out of alignment that go along the inside of the motor block, and if you do, you won’t get track power to the front circuit board. The motor blocks on the LGB Olomana and Chloe are very delicate due to their miniature sized components. I’ve converted about 8 of these to DCC decoder installs for customers and repaired several other Analog powered units, and the motor blocks can be frustrating if you have to open them. The best advice is, don’t open these motor blocks unless you really need to do so, because you may get something out of alignment.